Our Ethics

The Natural Food Store Limited is an Industrial and Provident society, a co-operative owned by members of the community. The Natural Food Store, 23 North Lane, Headingley, has traded successfully for over 22 years, selling high quality wholefoods, health foods, remedies and supplements as well as a range of other organic, bio-, and niche market goods whose provenance the customer can trust. It is committed to providing a range of high quality wholefood, vegetarian, vegan, organic and allied products.

In 2007 the previous owner managers decided to retire and offered to sell it to their customers. With the help of Headingley Development Trust a new cooperative was created which now has over 200 members – each investing capital into the business through a community share issue. The committed staff team currently include the former owners who are passing on their extensive knowledge to the new manger to ensure long term sustainability of the business. All are passionate about providing excellent service, information and advice on the rich range of products, including remedies. The cooperative is run by an elected Board of Directors who are responsible for employing the staff and agreeing the future direction of the business. The co-operative aims:

  • to develop and expand a store that offers food and other goods that people increasingly want to buy and for which there is a growing market
  • to ensure that the number of independent food retailers does not diminish – and indeed help others to thrive
  • to provide a retail outlet that people can walk to or access easily by public transport
  • to inspire and attract other independent retailers to the area
  • to promote the value and viability of community led initiatives as the antidote to supermarket dominance
  • to give reality to the sense of Headingley as a community through a shared enterprise