Grains and Pulses

The Natural Food Store has a wealth of grains and pulses ranging from the common to the rare and many which are certified organic.

We have white, brown, basmatti, wild, sushi and pudding rice as well as Arborio rice for genuine Italian risottos.

We have quinoa grain, bulgar wheat, buckwheat, whole millet, couscous, spelt, pearl barley and popcorn.

We stock dried lentils (red, green and brown), split peas and chickpeas and a whole host of dried beans such as aduki, haricot, cannellini, mung, kidney, black and butter.

And we also sell Suma and Biona tinned beans and pulses – including haricot beans, cannellini beans, flageolet beans, kidney beans, black beans, mixed beans, butter beans, borlotti beans, pinto beans chickpeas and brown lentils.

NFS Bird seed